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npm install rimu
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Rimu Markup

Rimu is a readable-text to HTML markup language inspired by AsciiDoc and Markdown.


At its core Rimu is a simple readable-text markup similar in scope to Markdown, but with two additional areas of functionality:

  • Markup generation can be customized and extended.
  • It includes a simple, flexible macro language.

Both these features are built into the Rimu markup syntax.


  • Single lightweight JavaScript file (less than 23KB minified) that can be dropped onto a Web page or used as a Node module.
  • No dependencies.
  • Simple one-function API.
  • Features include raw HTML (a la Markdown), HTML attribute injection and parametrized macros.
  • Element syntax and behavior can be modified and extended.
  • Written in TypeScript.
  • Available from Github and as an npm module or a Meteor smart package.
  • Includes command-line compiler, JavaScript library, TypeScript library declaration file, playground GUI, Vim syntax highlighter and a unit test suite.
  • MIT license.

Learn More

Read the documentation and experiment with Rimu in the Rimu Playground.

Play with it here http://rimumarkup.org/rimuplayground.html or open rimuplayground.html locally in in your browser.

See also the Release Notes topic in the Rimu Playground.

Installing Rimu

  • Install Rimu as a Node.js module (includes the rimuc command-line tool, run rimuc --help):

      sudo npm install -g rimu
  • Get the source from Github: https://github.com/srackham/rimu

Example Apps

First take a look at the API documentation topic in the Rimu Playground (http://rimumarkup.org/rimuplayground.html).

Browser compatibility

The generated HTML is compatible with all browsers. The Rimu JavaScript library works with the latest versions of IE, Firefox and Chrome, seems OK on Android 4 and iOS. Does not run on IE8.

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