Ripple JavaScript client library

npm install ripple-lib
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The Ripple JavaScript Library

ripple-lib connects to the Ripple network via the WebSocket protocol and runs in Node.js as well as in the browser.

Use ripple-lib for

  • Connecting to a local or remote rippled in JavaScript (Node.js or browser)
  • Issuing rippled API requests
  • Listening to events on the Ripple network (transaction, ledger, etc.)
  • Signing and submitting transactions to the Ripple network

In this file:

  1. Overview
  2. Getting ripple-lib
  3. Quickstart
  4. Running tests

For additional documentation see:

  1. The ripple-lib Guides (docs/
  2. The ripple-lib API Reference (docs/

Also see:

Getting ripple-lib

Via npm for Node.js

  $ npm install ripple-lib

Build from the source using grunt

  $ git clone
  $ npm install
  $ grunt

Then use the minified build/ripple-*-min.js in your webpage


Remote (remote.js) is the module responsible for managing connections to rippled servers:

/* Loading ripple-lib with Node.js */
var Remote = require('ripple-lib').Remote;

/* Loading ripple-lib in a webpage */
// var Remote = ripple.Remote;

var remote = new Remote({
  // see the API Reference for available options
  trusted:        true,
  local_signing:  true,
  local_fee:      true,
  fee_cushion:     1.5,
  servers: [
        host:    ''
      , port:    443
      , secure:  true

remote.connect(function() {
  /* remote connected */

  // see the API Reference for available functions

See The ripple-lib Guides and The ripple-lib API Reference for walkthroughs and details about all of the available functions and options.

Running tests

  1. Clone the repository

  2. cd into the repository and install dependencies with npm install

  3. npm test or make test or node_modules\.bin\mocha test\*-test.js

Generating code coverage

ripple-lib uses jscoverage to generate code coverage. To generate a file coverage.html, run make coverage

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