A node.js library for generating a Ripple wallet.

npm install ripple-wallet
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Ripple Wallet

This is a simple, lightweight tool to generate a new ripple wallet, which consists of public and secret key components.

Beyond portability, the tool was created to isolate the cryptography behind wallet generation in the ripple client and ripple-lib.

The algorithm for generating wallets is described here.


var Ripple = require('ripple-wallet').Ripple;


will generate a random, unfunded Ripple address and secret.

  address: 'r3sBHwjwAb6eFpHbCEbJmhC8scmDeqXZyZ',
  secret: 'snovmDoPbb5Y14JVA5wxtBtPgHNaP' 

Docs and Test Vectors

A description of the Cryptography can be found on the Wiki.

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