Primitive intersection routines (point, ray, line segment, etc.) for narrowband level sets

npm install rle-classify
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This library implements basic geometric queries for narrowband level sets, specifically point and raycasting queries.


You can install the library using npm:

npm install rle-classify

And then use it to do basic primitive classification tests:

//First create a level set
var bunny = require("rle-rasterize")(require("bunny"));

//Then do a ray-query
var ray_hit = require("rle-classify").ray(bunny, [10, 0, 0], [-1, 0, 0]);
console.log("Ray hit info:", ray_hit);

//Point test
var point_phase = require("rle-classify").point(bunny, [0,0,0]);
console.log("Point info:", point_phase);

classify.ray(volume, origin, direction[, solid_func])

Casts a ray against the level set. This takes about O(ray.length * log(volume.length())).

  • volume is a narrowband level set
  • origin is the origin of the ray
  • direction is the ray direction
  • solid_func tests if the volume is solid or not

Returns a hit record containing the following properties:

  • hit: A boolean flag that checks if the ray hit the volume
  • x: The point of intersection
  • t: The the time of intersection
  • phase: The phase of the volume at the point of intersection

classify.point(volume, point)

Tests a point against the level set. This takes O(log(volume.length())) time.

  • volume is a narrowband level set
  • point is the point to test against

Returns the phase of the level set at point


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. BSD

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