Constructive solid geometry library for narrow band level sets

npm install rle-csg
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This library implements constructive solid geometry operations for narrowband level sets. It is part of the rle family of modules for processing level sets.


Via npm:

npm install rle-csg


Here is an example showing how to use the library:

var core  = require("rle-core");
var csg   = require("rle-csg");
var cylinder = core.sampleSolid([-20, -20, -20], [20, 20, 20], function(x) {
    return Math.max(Math.abs(x[2]) - 15, Math.sqrt(x[0]*x[0] + x[1]*x[1]) - 5.5);
var box = core.sampleSolid([-10, -10, -10], [10, 10, 10], function(x) {
  return Math.max(Math.abs(x[0]), Math.abs(x[1]), Math.abs(x[2])) - 7.0;
var sphere = core.sampleSolid([-10,-10,-10], [10,10,10], function(x) {
  return Math.sqrt(x[0]*x[0]+x[1]*x[1]+x[2]*x[2]) - 8.0;
var shape = csg.subtract(csg.unite(box, cylinder), sphere);

Which gives you a shape that looks like this:

If you want to see the result in 3D/WebGL, click here for an interactive demo


To import the library, just do:

var csg = require("rle-csg");

Or you can also just use the methods exposed by rle-all. There are 4 functions exposed by this library:

csg.unite(a, b)

Computes the set-theoretic union of solids a and b

csg.intersect(a, b)

Intersects solids a and b

csg.subtract(a, b)

Subtracts the solid a from b


Returns the complement of a


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. BSD License

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