Mathematical morphology operations for narrow band level sets

npm install rle-morphology
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Mathematical morphology operators for narrow band level sets. This is part of the [rle] collection of libraries.


Via npm:

npm install rle-morphology


There are four different functions exported by this library.

dilate(volume, structuring_element)

This dilates a volume by the structuring element. The structuring element is represented by a flat list of points, for example the output from one of the methods in rle-stencils.

erode(volume, structuring_element)

Erodes the volume by the element. The basic input and behavior is consistent with dilate.

opening(volume, structuring_element)

Performs a morphological opening. This is useful if you want to remove tiny features your shape. It is equivalent to doing:

dilate(erode(volume, element), element)

closing(volume, structuring_element)

Performs a morphological closing. This removes any tiny holes or cracks in your shape. It is equivalent to:

erode(dilate(volume, element), element)


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. BSD License

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