Evaluates the sum of two nonoverlapping increasing sequences of floats

npm install robust-sum
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Computes the sum of two increasing non-overlapping sequences of floats as an increasing non-overlapping sequence. This can be used to perform exact arithmetic calculations on floating point values.


    npm install robust-sum


var robustSum = require("robust-sum")

var seq = robustSum([1, 64], [1e-64, 1e64])
console.log("result = ", seq)


require("robust-sum")(a, b[, result])

Computes the sum of two non-overlapping increasing sequences of floats exactly as a non-overlapping increasing sequence of floats.

  • a is a non-overlapping sequence of floats that is increasing in magnitude
  • b is a non-overlapping sequence of floats that is increasing magnitude
  • result is an array that gets the result of summing a and b

Returns A non-overlapping increasing sequence that encodes the result of a+b


Based on JRS' robust geometric predicates for floating point arithmetic.

Implementation (c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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