The Command Line Interface for Robin

npm install robyn
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Robyn CLI

Need a boilerplate? Put a bird on it.



npm install robyn -g

Usage: robyn [options] [command]


add <name> <url>
Add a GitHub repository url to use as a project boilerplate.

list [name]
Outputs a list of nested repositories. Passing a [name] parameter will scope to the specified name.

update <name> <url>
Update a nested repository.

remove <name>
Remove a nested repository.

init [name] [directory]
Start a new project based on your organization's boilerplate.


-h, --help                       output usage information
-V, --version                    output the version number
-b, --branch <master>            Specify a branch when cloning the root repository
-i, --include-plugins <plugins>  Include specific plugins (comma delimited).
-A, --all                        Include all plugins.
-B, --bare                       Include no plugins.
-S, --shallow                    Create the bootstrap, but don't run `grunt start`.
--verbose                        Run in verbose mode.


Add a nest:

robyn add rbp git://

Initialize a project:

robyn init rbp path/to/folder
robyn init path/to/folder

Update a nest:

robyn update rbp git:// --branch develop

List nests:

robyn list
robyn list rbp

Remove a nest:

robyn remove rbp
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