Evaluator for the Roole language

npm install roole-evaluator
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Convert Roole AST to CSS AST.

It eliminates constructs that cannot exist in CSS (e.g., @if, @for, variables, etc).


var parser = require('roole-parser');
var evaluator = require('roole-parser');

var ast = parser.parse('body { margin: 0 }');
evaluator.evaluate(ast).then(function (ast) {


var promise = evaluator.evaluate(ast, [options]);
  • ast - Roole AST
  • promise - a promise whose fulfilling value is the CSS AST
  • options - an object literal supporting these options:
    • base - an absolute path to which relative urls not starting with ./ or ../ are resolved.
    • out - (default: base) absolute path of the directory where the compiled CSS will be written to. Used to translate relative urls.
    • imports (default: {}) - An object literal containing files to be imported, keys are file paths, values are the contents. When a imported file matches a file path, the content will be used directly, and no external request is generated.
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