Open Source PaaS built on Node.JS - route-machine module

npm install route-machine
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Route Machine is a HTTP router built to run in a cluster environment. Using the NATS network to update routes in real-time.

Route Machine has been built for the uses with the Raft framework. The events Route Machine emits are watched by the Dea.


  • Cluster support.
  • Request analytics.
  • Process scalability to use all cores on demand.


Subscribe Events


This event watches for a URL/HOST register command. This will add the URL, host and port of a running server.


This event watches for a URL/HOST unregister command. This will remove the URL, host and port of a running server.

Publish Events


This event is triggered when a new process is spawned for the router.


This event emits the varz propriety of the router.

router.varz = {
    requests_per_sec : 0,//Request per-second
    requests : 0,//Total request
    up_per_sec : 0,//Bandwidth upload per-second
    down_per_sec : 0,//Bandwidth download per-second
    up : 0,//Total upload
    down : 0//Total download
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