A simple low-level parameterized URL router

npm install router-core
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Simple URL/path-based router for node.js


npm install router-core


Define your router:

var router = new Router

router.add('/foo', value) // literal path
router.add('/bar/:param', value) // path with parameter

Get a route

var route = router.route(path)
route.value // original value passed into add method
route.params // object with parameter matches
route.nextRoute // recursive callback to get the next route if this one isn't good enough

Internal API

More advanced use-cases require accessing the route list. This can be done by accessing the router.routes array in the following format:

router.routes.forEach(function(route) {
    route.path // original path from add method
    route.value // original value from add method
    route.test(path) // function that returns a parameters object if the path matches, or false


zlib license LICENSE.

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