RSS Library - RSS Parser for node.

npm install rsslib
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RSSLib - RSS Library Parser using NodeJS

This module parse content of RSS Feed and it can also obtain the html content.

How to Install RSSLib

npm install rsslib

How to Use RSSLib

There are two functions such as `getListRSS` and `getRSSContent`.

getListRSS(url, callback)

getRSSContent(url, content_key, removeContext, callback)


    var lib = require('rsslib');

    // Retrieve list of RSS
    // the return result will in array which contain: title, link, description, pubDate, guid, author

    var url = '';

    lib.getListRSS(url, function(result){
            console.log('title: ' + result[i].title);
            console.log('link: ' + result[i].link);
            console.log('description: ' + result[i].description);
            console.log('publish date: ' + result[i].pubDate);
            console.log('guid: ' + result[i].guid);
            console.log('author: ' + result[i].author);        

    // Retrieve HTML content of a web page

    var urlCo = '';

    // Define which part of html that we want to obtain the content
    var contentKey = '.cnn_strycntntlft';

    // To remove content which don't want to be included in the result by defining the html tag, class or id
    var removeContext = ['script', 'style', '.cnnExplainer', '.cnn_html_slideshow', '.cnn_stryshrwdgtbtm'];    

    lib.getRSSContent(urlCo, contentKey, removeContext, function(result){


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