Streaming upload to S3

npm install s3-streaming-upload
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s3-streaming-upload Build Status

s3-streaming-upload is node.js library that listens to your stream and upload its data to Amazon S3 using MultiPartUpload API.

It is heavily inspired by knox-mpu, but unlike it, it does not buffer data to disk and is build on top of official AWS SDK instead of knox.


Installation is done via NPM, by running npm install s3-streaming-upload


  • Super easy to use
  • No need to know data size beforehand
  • Stream is buffered up to specified size (default 5MBs) and then uploaded to S3
  • Segments are not written to disk and memory is freed as soon as possible after upload
  • Uploading is asynchronous
  • You can react to upload status through events

Quick example

var Uploader = require('s3-streaming-upload').Uploader,
    upload = null,
    stream = require('fs').createReadStream('/etc/resolv.conf');

upload = new Uploader({
  // credentials to access AWS
  accessKey:  process.env.AWS_API_KEY,
  secretKey:  process.env.AWS_SECRET,
  bucket:     process.env.AWS_S3_TRAFFIC_BACKUP_BUCKET,
  objectName: "myUploadedFile",
  stream:     stream

upload.on('completed', function (err, res) {
    console.log('upload completed');

upload.on('failed', function (err) {
    console.log('upload failed with error', err);
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