A readable stream that concatenates multiple streams with optional head, tail & join buffers

npm install sandwich-stream
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While I'm not overjoyed about how performant the internals will operate, I wanted a readable stream that was ACTUALLY A READABLE STREAM. Not a streams1 stream masquerading as streams2. As soon as somebody writes a better concat stream as a readable stream with a nice simple API, this baby is going to develop some serious abandonment issues.


npm install sandwich-stream


var sandwichStream = require('sandwich-stream');
var ss = sandwichStream({
  head: 'Thing at the top\n',
  tail: '\nThing at the bottom',
  separator: '\n ---- \n'

// The thing at the top
//  ---- 
// Stream1
//  ---- 
// Stream2
//  ---- 
// Stream3
// The thing at the bottom

The head option takes a string/buffer and pushes the string before all other content

The foot option takes a string/buffer and pushes the string after all other data has been pushed

The separator option pushes a string/buffer between each stream

Too add a stream use the .add method: ss.add(streamVariable);

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