Set test results for a Sauce Labs job

npm install sauce-results
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Helper to publish the results of a Sauce Labs test job. Then you can use the awesome status images.

Example status image:

Selenium Test Status

Simply call the function with the options object and a callback function.


var results = require('sauce-results');

    user: sauceUser,
    key: sauceKey,
    job: sauceJobId,
    passed: true
}, function(err) {
    // Handle err if it exists


  • user: The Sauce Labs username for the tests
  • key: The Sauce Labs key for the provided user
  • job: The Sauce Labs job ID. If none is provided, it will retrieve the last job ID.
  • passed: Boolean indicating if the job passed or not


Thanks goes to @rvagg for doing something like this in brtapsauce. This module was split out from the larger project and rewritten based on his code.

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