json file persistance engine for save

npm install save-json
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JSON based file persistance engine for save using lodash _.where style find queries.


npm install save-json


var save = require('save') // npm install save
  , saveJson = require('..')

// Create a save object and pass in a saveJson engine.
var contactStore = save('Contact', { engine: saveJson('contact.json') })

// Ensure the engine initialised correctly
if (!contactStore)
  throw Error('Could not initiate json save') // Common cause is file creation issue

// Then we can create a new object.
contactStore.create({ name: 'James', email: ''}, function (error, contact) {

  // The created 'contact' is returned and has been given an id

  // Now check the contents of contact.json... magic!

// Lets find that object with a lodash _.where style query. Simple!
contactStore.findOne({ name: 'James' }, function (error, contact) {
    // Will be the object created above


Licensed under the New BSD License

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