Application scaffolding for any project.

npm install scaffolding
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Scaffolding any project


npm install -g scaffolding

Simple to use

1.Prepare scaffolding.json

  "properties": {
    "name": {
      "pattern": "^[a-zA-Z\\.\\-\\d]+$",
      "message": "Name must be only letters, numbers, dots, or dashes",
      "default": "sample",
      "required": true
    "author": {
      "required": true
  "tpl": {
    "tpl/src/base.js": "dist/src/{{name}}.js",
    "tpl/test/base.test": "dist/test/{{name}}"

2.Execute scaffolding. 2.1.Input prompt answer. 2.2.Generates files by tpl settings. The file contents, filename will be replaced with prompt answer.



Offcourse! Generally, project involved many developers

1.Prepare .default.scaffolding.json

  "author": "sideroad"

2.You can override the default setting!

Use your favorite name for json

scaffolding chocolate.json

Dependencies with awesome library

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