Provides an API to interact with the Scormcloud Services.

npm install scormcloud-api-node
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A very rough and simple implementation of the scormcloud api.

This is work in progress that currently only partially supports 2 of the many services offered. I will be adding more services as they are needed by my company. If you need features or changes faster than i can apply, im happy to make this an open project.

Using these services are fairly easy;

var ScormCloudAPI = require('scormcloud-api');

var config = new ScormCloudAPI.Configuration('', 'yourappid', 'yoursecretkey', 'orgin');

var serviceProvider = new ScormCloudAPI(config);
var accountService = serviceProvicer.getService('account');

    var accountInfo = r.getData();
    console.log(accountInfo.getFirstName() + " " + accountInfo.getLastName());
  } else {
    console.log('Request returned: ' + r.getStatus() + ' with error: ' + r.getError());
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