A Node.js web scraping library.

npm install scrapify
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Create a web scraper quickly like so:

var Scraper = require('scrapify');

// Create the scraper
var s = new Scraper();

// Set a function that will be called for each URL
s.pageHandler = function(url, $) {
  var links = $('.linklisting .link .title a'); // get all the links

  // Add more links to the scraper within the page handler using addUrl!
  links.each(function() {
    var url = this.href;
    s.addUrl((url[0] == '/') ? ''+url : url);

// Add a URL to the scraper to get started. Use s.addUrls() to add a
// list of URLs at once.

// Run the scraper and provide a callback, which will be called once the
// scraper completes. {
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