A light wrapper for RethinkDB

npm install secondthought
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Some Light Abstraction for RethinkDB

The RethinkDB Node driver is already very simple to use, but there are methods that I wish I "just had" at the ready. Those are:

  • Query, which returns an array
  • First, Exists
  • Save, which upserts a record
  • Automatic table/db config
  • DB Manipulation (Create/Drop)

So I created it. That's what we have here.


Install using

npm install secondthought --save

To use this in your code, just configure what you need:

var db = require("second-thought");
db.connect({db : "test"}, function(err,db){

  //you now have access to all of your tables as properties on your db variable:
  //so, assume there's a table called "foo" in your db...{name : "Mike"}, function(err,saved){

    //output the generated ID


Each table on your DB object is a full-blown RethinkDB table, so you can step outside the abstraction at any point:


  //this is a ReQL query'bar_id',, function(err,cursor){

    //run the joined action and do something interesting
      //use the array...

      //be sure to close the connection!


In addition you can do all kinds of fun things, like...

//installation of the DB and tables
db.connect({db : "test"}, function(err, db){
  db.install(['foo', 'bar'], function(err,result){
    //tables should be installed now...

//add a secondary index
db.connect({db : "test"}, function(err,db){"email", function(err, indexed){
    //indexed == true;

Basic Queries

I've tried to keep the API light and simple - with just a bit of sugar to keep the repetetive stuff to a minimum:

db.connect({db : "test", function(err,db){{category : "beer"}, function(err,beers){
    //beers is an array, so have at it
  });{email : ""}, function(err,rob){
    //hi Rob
  });{name : "bill"}, function(err, exists){
    //exists will tell you if it's there
  });{id : "some-id"}, function(err,destroyed){
    //destroyed will be true if something was deleted
    //destroyed is the count of records whacked
  });{name : "Stevie"}, "some-id", function(err,result){
    //save will do a full swap of the document, updateOnly will partially update
    //a document so you need to pass the id along
    //result will be true if an update happened


Have a look at the tests to see a bit more

Wanna Help?

Just do me a favor and open a PR with some ideas and hopefully a test or two. Thanks!

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