Serv Read Me ============

npm install serv
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Serv Read Me

Ad hoc serving of HTTP requests from any directory.

npm install -g

cd directory/to/serv; serv

$ serv
Serving files from /Users/scothis/Development/cujojs at

By default, serv only allows access from the local machine. This protects your file system from external network access. If remote access is needed, you may specify an IP address to bind to with the -b flag, or --public to allow all network access. Access may still be limited by your machine's firewall.

$ serv -h
  -h, --help  Show this help message                               [boolean]
  -b, --bind  IP to bind the server to                             [default: ""]
  -p, --port  port to bin the server to, uses PORT env var if set  [default: 8000]
  --path      file system path to expose                           [default: <current working directory>]
  --public    Change the default host to                   [boolean]
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