HTTP handler for serving browserify bundles

npm install serve-browserify
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HTTP handler for serving browserify bundles


var http = require("http")
var path = require("path")
// Simple http router
var Router = require("routes-router")
// Simple static file server
var ecstatic = require("ecstatic")

var ServeBrowserify = require("serve-browserify")

var router = Router()

// ServeBrowserify(opts) returns a http handler
// to server browserified bundles. The suggestion is to
// server /browserify/foo as /browser/foo/index.js or
// /browserify/bar as /browser/bar.js
// also /browserify/x/y as /browser/x/y.js
router.addRoute("/browserify/*", ServeBrowserify({
    root: path.join(__dirname, "browser"),
    base: "/browserify"
// static server to serve html page for example
router.addRoute("/", ecstatic({
    root: path.join(__dirname, "static"),
    autoIndex: true

var server = http.createServer(router)

server.listen(9024, function () {
    console.log("demo server listening on port 9024")



type RequestHandler := (req: HttpRequest, res: HttpResponse)

serve-browserify := ({
    root: String,
    base: String?,
    cache: Boolean?,
    gzip: Boolean?,
    cacheControl: String?,
    debug: Boolean?
}) => RequestHandler

ServeJavascript returns a function when given a root and opts will serve javascript files through browserify

Valid options are:

  • root: The root folder location where it should look for javascript files to browserify & serve
  • base: The base HTTP path where you are serving your assets from. This is only needed if you want to serve nested files
  • cache: This will cache if enabled, which means every location browserify bundle get's cached after initial compilation. This also enables ETag's & HTTP caching
  • gzip: This will enable gzipping the bundle and sending it as gzip'd encoded data to browsers if their accept-encoding matches
  • cacheControl: This is a string you can set for the cache control header. It defaults to 'max-age=300, must-revalidate'
  • debug: This is an option passed to browserify, when debug is set, browserify will embed source maps. Disable this in production to decrease file size


npm install serve-browserify


  • Raynos

MIT Licenced

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