Colorful Logging

npm install seshat
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Seshat Module

Basic logging module for node with colorful console logging

Getting Started

Start by installing seshat:

npm install seshat --save

Next, require it in your module and register with your module name:

var seshat = require("seshat").register("module_name");

Whenever you want to log output to your console use any of the following:

seshat.log("Normal message");"Blue tinted message");
seshat.warn("Yellow tinted message");
seshat.error("Red tinted message");

// You can also use more colors:
seshat.log("Your message here",; // for green
seshat.log("Your message here", seshat.colors.magenta); // for magenta

// There are also options for bolding, underlining and greyscale
seshat.log("Your message here", seshat.colors.bold); // for bolded text
seshat.log("Your message here", seshat.colors.italic); // for italicized
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