Sessions for node.js

npm install sessions-plus
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Sessions plus authentication module for Node.js

What it does

  • Assigns a v4 UUID via cookie to each visitor
  • Creates a req.session object
  • All session data stored in req.session is loaded on visit for each visitor.

That's about it.

Hooking the session

In order to hook the session into the user's req, you need to require the session-plus package:

sessionsplus = require('sessions-plus');

And then append the following at the very start of your createServer function:

req = sessionsplus.start(req);
if(req.session.cookieFresh == 'true'){
    res.setHeader('Set-Cookie', 'uuid=' + req.session.cookie);
    req.session.cookieFresh = 'false';

And append the following to the end of your createServer function:



Killing a session

To wipe the contents of a session (IE: saved variables, login details, etc) you pass the req into the kill() function, like so:

req = sessionsplus.kill(req);
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