The modern IRC client

npm install shout
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Run your IRC client on a server and access it from the web browser. This gives you a persistent connection and allows you to chat from multiple devices at the same time.


These are the commands currently implemented:

  • /connect
  • /deop
  • /devoice
  • /disconnect
  • /join
  • /kick
  • /leave
  • /mode
  • /nick
  • /op
  • /part
  • /query
  • /quit
  • /server
  • /topic
  • /voice
  • /whois


  1. Install Node.js and NPM
    sudo apt-get -y install nodejs npm

  2. Clone the project from GitHub
    git clone --recursive

  3. Open folder
    cd chat/

  4. Install Node packages
    npm install

  5. Run the server
    npm start or nodejs index.js

  6. Open your browser

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