The simplest eventing library that could possible work.

npm install shoutout
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Shout-out v1.0.1

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The simplest eventing library that could possible work.


var signal = require('shoutout')
var clicked = signal()

clicked.add(function(x, y){ console.log(x, y) })
clicked(10, 10)
// => 10 10


Easy-modo: grab it from NPM (use Browserify if you're on a browser):

$ npm install shoutout

If you're using AMD or no module system at all, you can grab the dist/{:project}.umd.js file. Note that NPM is the recommended and officially supported way, and that the UMD bundle will include all the dependencies for the library.


Read online at or build your own local copy:

$ make docs

Note that you'll need Sphinx


For node:

$ npm test

For the browser:

$ npm install -g brofist-browser
$ make test-browser

Platform support

This library assumes an ES5 environment, but can be easily supported in ES3 platforms by the use of shims. Just include es5-shim :3




MIT/X11. i.e.: do whatever you want.

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