A simple module to expose ansi terminal codes as memorable names.

npm install simple-ansi
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Simply expose a minimal subset of the ansi terminal codes, for use manually.


var ansi = require('simple-ansi');

var object = {
    name : "example",
    version : 1.0,
    options : {
        stuff : "more stuff"

console.log(, object, ansi.reset);

console.log( + "some message" + ansi.reset);

// combine styles

console.log( + ansi.bgBlue + ansi.bold, "Read this if you can!", ansi.reset);

Note: you remember to reset to return to the default terminal style.

Full list:


bold, underline, blink, reset

Foreground Colors:

gray, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white,

Background Colors:

bgGray, bgRed, bgGreen, bgYellow, bgBlue, bgMagenta, bgCyan,
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