Generic Game Board

npm install simpleboard
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Generic Game Board


Via npm on Node:

npm install simpleboard


Reference in your program:

var simpleboard = require('simpleboard');

Create a board:

var board = simpleboard.createBoard(with, height);

Put a content in a cell

board.putContent(x, y, content);

The content is a game-dependent value/object.

Get the content of a cell

board.getContent(x, y);

If the cell is empty, the returned content is null.

Remove the content from a cell

board.removeContent(x, y);

Get an array with the board positions

var positions = board.getPositions();

Each position is an object with properties x, y and content.

Find a position that satifies a predicate

var position = board.findPosition(function (pos) { return pos.color == 2 });

Find all the positions that satify a predicate

var position = board.findPositions(function (pos) { return pos.piece == 'bishop' });

Clone a board

var clone = board.clone();

This method is useful when you must explore a tree in a game: you can clone the current position before a new move.


git clone git://
cd SimpleBoard
npm install
npm test



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If you submit a pull request, please be sure to add or update corresponding test cases, and ensure that npm test continues to pass.

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