Simple Boggle board and word search library for JavaScript/Node.js

npm install simpleboggle
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Simple Boggle board and word search library for JavaScript/Node.js.


Via npm on Node:

npm install simpleboggle


Reference in your program:

var simpleboggle = require('simpleboggle');



git clone git://
cd SimpleBoggle
npm install
npm test


Compile Words Compile list of words into a json file, to be used in other samples.

Find Words Find words in a board, using the compile word list at lib/english.json.

To do


  • 0.0.1: Published 2013-01-07, first version.
  • 0.0.2: Published 2013-01-08, first samples, compiled English word list.

Word List

The file lib/english.json was compiled using a word list of scowl project. The word list was taken from scowl.7.1, final/english-words.10, using compilewords sample. Acronyms were skipped. To do: compile more words.


Feel free to file issues and submit pull requests � contributions are welcome.

If you submit a pull request, please be sure to add or update corresponding test cases, and ensure that npm test continues to pass.

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