A really simple config library for nodejs

npm install simpler-config
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A simple config module. You load() it once with a config object and simply require('simpler-config') everywhere else to get configuration.

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npm install simpler-config

A few examples:

// require the library and then call load once with an object to setup your config.
// You can use a JSON file
var config = require('simpler-config').load(require('./config.json'));

// or a JS file (don't forget module.exports)
var config = require('simpler-config').load(require('./config.js'));

// or an object
var config = require('simpler-config').load({someKey: 'Some Value'}));

// or something far too fancy
var config = require('simpler-config').load({
    dev: require('./dev.json')
    qa: require('./qa.json')

// Right. You get the idea.

// meanwhile, in another file in a directory far far away
var config = require('simpler-config'); // no need for a path etc


For smaller node projects, it's reasonable to simply require('./config/config.json') (or a JS file) and use that for configuration. On larger projects, however, requiring a config file everywhere is cumbersome for you have to constantly tinker with the require() paths adding and/or removing ../'s etc. Designed to avoid this annoyance, this library enables you to setup your config once and then simply require('simpler-config') everywhere else.



The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2013 Max Nachlinger

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