Concatenates two simplicial complexes

npm install simplicial-disjoint-union
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Computes the disjoint union of two simplicial complexes. You can use this to do stuff like concatenate meshes.


npm install simplicial-disjoint-union


var disjointUnion = require("simplicial-disjoint-union")

//    Combine a bunny and teapot into a single mesh

//First read in meshes
var bunny = require("bunny")
  , teapot = require("teapot")

//Then combine positions
var combinedPos = bunny.positions.concat(teapot.positions)

//Finally combine cells using simplicial-disjoint-union
var combinedCells = disjointUniont(bunny.cells, teapot.cells)

require("simplicial-disjoint-union")(a, b[, a_verts])

Joins two simplicial complexes together.

  • a and b are the complexes we are going to join
  • a_verts an optional parameter giving the number of vertices in a if not specified, is computed dynamically.

Returns The cells in a concatenated to the cells in b, with the vertices in b relabeled by those in a's length.

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