Adapts sync functions to expose async api and leaves async functions unchanged..

npm install sinless
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sinless [ˈsɪnlɪs] free from sin or guilt; innocent; pure

Adapts sync functions to expose async api and leaves async functions unchanged.

var sinless = require('sinless')

function syncAdd (a, b) {
  return a + b;

// fn takes 3 args if it is async and has a callback 
var sinlessAdd = sinless(syncAdd, 3); 
sinlessAdd(1, 3, function (err, res) {
  if (err) return console.error('err', err);
  console.log('res', res);

// res: 4
// although it makes deducing fn's asynchronousity more solid, supplying number of args is optional
// Therefore the below also works assuming that syncAdd's number of arguments is constant
var sinlessAdd = sinless(syncAdd);


npm install sinless


  • consume identical API while giving function implementers the option to return synchronously or callback asynchronously see example
  • does not make sync calls async, i.e. fs.readFileSync will still block


sinlessAdd(fn, lenWithCb)

  * Returns an async version of a given function or the function itself if it could be determined to be async already.
  * If lenWithCb is given, the function will be wrapped if the number of its arguments are smaller than this length.
  * If lenWithCb is not given the function will be wrapped whenever it is called with more arguments than it takes. 
  * @name sinless
  * @function
  * @param fn {Function} to be wrapped if it isn't async
  * @param lenWithCb {Number} [optional] number of arguments the function should have if it was async and included a callback
  * @return {Function} either the original function or a wrapped version of it



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