Expect matchers for sinon

npm install sinon-expect
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Sinon Expect

Sinon expect is a wrapper for the assertions built into sinon.

A quick example is:

var object = {
  method: function(){}

//Yes we are overriding expect
//You can also save it to another variable but that is ugly
expect = require('sinon-expect').enhance(expect, sinon, 'was');

sinon.spy(object, 'method');

//Assert style

//Expect style
//All assertions are found under the .spy namespace/"flag"

List Of Supported Assertions/Matchers

See Sinon Assertions for additional documentation for each of these assertions.

Drop the first argument (the spy) otherwise the method signature is the same.

  • notCalled
  • called
  • calledOnce
  • calledTwice
  • calledThrice
  • callCount
  • callOrder
  • calledOn
  • alwaysCalledOn
  • calledWith
  • alwaysCalledWith
  • neverCalledWith
  • calledWithExactly
  • alwaysCalledWithExactly
  • threw
  • alwaysThrew



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