A super lightweight eN-Queuing library to help make things run in order. This is very lightweight, it's meant only to make queuing callbacks easier - if you need the flexibility of ASYNC or STEP then use those.

npm install skonq
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skonq is intended to be a lightweight library for queuing functions. This was born out of laziness - so it's very basic and simple to use. I didn't need 95% of the functionality in ASYNC or STEP and I don't like the syntax for queuing functions with those so this was created, if you need more functionality then check out those 2 great libraries.


From your project directory:

    $ npm install skonq

Within your application:

    var nq = require("skonq");

    var somefunction = function(){ 
        /* do some stuff here */;

    nq.nq(somefunction, somefunctionsargs);

Is this All?

Long answer: yes, what more do you need?

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