Instant stand alone slide show from markdown document

npm install slides-now
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Slides Now!

Instant stand alone slide show from a markdown document.

  1. No server necessary
  2. Stylish presentation
  3. Just drag and drop a Markdown document
  4. Switch themes on the fly, click t


  • Happens entirely inside the browser, nothing is uploaded to a server
  • Works great as a stand alone page
  • You can use this as example
  • Parsed using marked
  • Slides will be shown using bespoke.js

Slide show UI

You can specify custom slides-now options using markdown reference syntax. Here are a few available options:

[slides-now-theme]: "classic"
[slides-now-footer]: "My talk"
[slides-now-font-family]: "Arial"
[slides-now-font-size]: "26pt"
// presentation should last 2 minutes
[slides-now-timer]: "2"

The options should be at the end of the document.

Dev notes


bower install
npm install

Open dist/index.html in a browser, use local file, not http server due to caching (or use new port every time).

Timer bar

Add a timer bar crawling along the bottom to limit the presentation time.


Several open source projects inspired me to create slides-now. Check them out!

Gleb Bahmutov @bahmutov

Feel free to contact me if there are any issues.

[slides-now-footer]: "Slides now"

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