Make strings url safe (with no dependencies)

npm install slugg
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Make strings url-safe.

  • Comprehensive tests
  • No dependencies
  • Not in coffee-script (lol)
  • Coerces foreign symbols to their english equivalent
  • Doesn't try to do anything fancy with symbols (just removes them)
  • Works in browser (window.slugg) and AMD/CommonJS-flavoured module loaders
npm install slugg


slug(string, [separator])

var slug = require('slugg')

slug('My fantastic blog post')
//-> 'my-fantastic-blog-post'

slug('Today I found £5')
//-> 'today-i-found-5'

slug('I ♥ you')
//-> 'i-you'

If you want a separator other than '-', pass it in as the second argument:

slug('Kevin Spacey', ' ')
//-> 'kevin spacey'

If you want to strip some characters rather than replace them with a separator, pass a regex as the last option that will match the chars you want to replace, eg:

slug('Mum\'s cooking', /'/g)
//-> 'mums-cooking'

Remember to use the g flag if you want all the matches stripped (not just the first).

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