Client for SMS Aero API

npm install smsaero
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Client for SMS Aero API. For more information go to the


var sms = new (require("smsaero"))({
    user    : "{email}",
    password: "{password}"

// Sending a message
    to  : "79876543210",
    text: "Test message",
    from: "Test"
}, function(err, messageId, resultCode){
    console.log("send", messageId, resultCode);

// Checking the status of a sent message
sms.status(12345, function(err, status){
    console.log("status", status);

// Balance check
sms.balance(function(err, balance){
    console.log("balance", balance);

// The list of available signatures sender
sms.senders(function(err, senders){
    console.log("senders", senders);

// Request for a new signature or get the status
sms.sign("Test", function(err, status){
    console.log("sign", status);
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