Snockets command-line tool.

npm install snockets-cli
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Snockets command-line tool. Very useful to use Snockets from a build system, for example.


Most of the time:

$ npm install snockets-cli --save-dev


$ node_modules/.bin/snockets --help

  Usage: snockets <in> [options]


    -h, --help           output usage information
    --minify             minify output with uglifyJS
    -o, --output <file>  output the result in a file
    --dep-file <file>    generate a Makefile-compatible dependency file
    --color              force color display out of a TTY

$ node_modules/.bin/snockets -o foo.js --dep-file


Just do the bare minimum of Snockets, and only supports the concatetaned mode. You may want to fork add some more features for your needs, in which case, please share.

This tool won't probably support the hypothetical Snockets 2 out-of-the-box. Here again, feel free to add the support.


Feel free to fork and submit pull requests.

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