Intersect two streams that emit sorted data

npm install sorted-intersect-stream
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Get the intersection of two sorted streams.

npm install sorted-intersect-stream


It is easy to use

var intersect = require('sorted-intersect-stream');
var es = require('event-stream'); // npm install event-stream

// es.readArray converts an array into a stream
var sorted1 = es.readArray([0,10,24,42,43,50,55]);
var sorted2 = es.readArray([10,42,53,55,60]);

// combine the two streams into a single intersected stream
var intersection = intersect(sorted1, sorted2);

intersection.on('data', function(data) {
    console.log('intersected at '+data);
intersection.on('end', function() {
    console.log('no more intersections');

Running the above example will print

intersected at 10
intersected at 42
intersected at 55
no more intersections

When the intersection ends the two input streams will be destroyed. Setintersection.autoDestroy = false to disable this.

Streaming objects

If you are streaming objects you should add a toKey function as the third parameter. toKey should return an key representation of the data that can be used to compare objects.

The keys MUST be sorted

var sorted1 = es.readArray([{key:'a'}, {key:'b'}, {key:'c'}]);
var sorted2 = es.readArray([{key:'b'}, {key:'d'}]);

var intersection = intersect(sorted1, sorted2, function(data) {
    return data.key; // data.key is sorted

intersection.on('data', function(data) {
    console.log(data); // will print {key:'b'}

A good use-case for this kind of module is implementing something like full-text search where you want to intersect multiple index hits.

Intersecting LevelDB streams

Since levelup streams are sorted in relation to their keys it is easy to intersect them using sorted-intersect-stream.

If we wanted to intersect two namespaces foo and bar we could do it like so

var db = levelup('mydatabase', {valueEncoding:'json'});

var foo = db.createReadStream({
    start: 'foo:',
    end: 'foo;'

var bar = db.createReadStream({
    start: 'bar:',
    end: 'bar;'

var intersection = intersect(foo, bar, function(data) {
    // remove the namespace from the keys so they are comparable
    return data.key.split(':').slice(1).join(':');



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