Concatenate the source files of a project

npm install sourcecat
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A simple tool for concatenating source files in a repository in some kind of logical fashion. Files are concatenated in alphabetical order (with the exception of index.js trumping other files in a folder) breadth first through the folder structure.

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Specify the glob pattern as the first arg, that's all you can do. If none is specified, then code me will look to find all of the .js files from your current working directory down, excluding a few directories along the way (node_modules, test).

Why SourceCat?

Because I like using emu for generating my documentation, and using sourcecat I can put things in a mostly sensible order:

sourcecat | emu >

Special Cases

In the following cases, the behaviour of the sourcecat command changes:

  • a src/ folder is detected in the current working directory. In this case, the top-level directory is skipped and only the src/ directory is traversed.

Tips and Tricks

You can import a file in the sourcecat tree at a custom location by using an @import line, e.g:

An example of this can be found in the tests.


sourcecat.combine(files, callback)

Combine the input files (as read from the sourcecat.load function) into a single output file.

sourcecat.load(pattern, callback)

From the current working directory, load the files matching the specified pattern and send the resulting data to the callback as an array of data objects (with a filename and content attribute).

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