decentralized service registry for nodejs

npm install spaceport
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Spaceport is a decentralized service registry for nodejs. There is no central server to maintain or register with. Processes communicate peer-to-peer over multicast (similar to zeroconf/mdns).

Spaceport works great when you have any processes that need to talk to one another but you don't want to predefine their locations or ports.

This module only works with node 0.10+


npm install spaceport


To create a new service and announce its presence.

// port can be specified programmically if assigned by the system
var service = spaceport.service('service name', { port: 1234 });

// the service will now announce it is available and capable of responding to requests

// create a browser to tell us when this service comes online
var browser = spaceport.browser('service name').start();

// service is available
browser.on('up', function(info) {

    // hostname of the service box (obtained with os.hostname)

    // port the service is listening on

// service is no longer up
browser.on('down', function() {

// to stop the service and announce it should not longer be available


see the wiki for additional details:

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