Backup a Cloudant / CouchDB instance, using PouchDB.

npm install spare
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Command line utility for taking periodic snapshots of a remote Cloudant / CouchDB instance, using PouchDB.


npm install -g spare

If that doesn't work, try prepending sudo.


To create a daily snapshot of a remote instance, use the watch command, like this:

spare watch -r <remote>

To do a one-off backup of a remote instance, use backup instead:

spare backup -r <remote>

You can also backup to another remote instance, rather than locally, using the -t or --target flags:

spare backup -r <remote> -t <target>

To restore a remote based on a local backup, use restore:

spare restore -r <remote> -d <YYYY-MM-DD>

The -d argument indicates a backup made on a certain day.

To destroy a local backup of a certain day, use remove:

spare remove -r <remote> -d <YYYY-MM-DD>

To run any of these commands on a regular basis, try adding them to your crontab, like so:

crontab -e
# now, in your text editor, add a command like this:
@reboot spare watch -r <remote>

That will backup the given remote instance every day at midnight.


npm test


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