Spawn a SpiderMonkey shell as a child process.

npm install spidermonkey
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Run a SpiderMonkey shell as a node child process.


var sm = require('sm');

sm.evaluate('var x = 12; x * 3').on('return', function(result) {
    // got the result
sm.evaluate('throw 12').on('throw', function(e) {
    // got the thrown exception
sm.check('delete for this').on('throw', function(e) {
    // got the syntax error
sm.check('function asi() { return 12 }').on('return', function() {
    // syntax successfully checked
sm.parse('var x = 12; x * 3').on('return', function(ast) {
    // got the parsed AST


All the functions provided by this module produce an EventEmitter that supports the same set of events.

  • evaluate(src[, shell="js"]) : evaluates source with SpiderMonkey
  • evaluateFile(path[, shell="js"]) : evaluates a file with SpiderMonkey
  • parse(src[, shell="js"]) : parses source with SpiderMonkey, producing an AST with the Mozilla Parser API
  • parseFile(path[, shell="js"]) : parses a file with SpiderMonkey
  • check(src[, shell="js"]) : checks source for syntax errors with SpiderMonkey
  • checkFile(path[, shell="js"]) : checks a file for syntax errors with SpiderMonkey


  • "return" : the result of a successful evaluation in SpiderMonkey, communicated via JSON
  • "throw" : the result of a thrown exception in SpiderMonkey, communicated via JSON
  • "error" : an I/O or spawning error occurred


Copyright © 2012 Dave Herman

Licensed under the MIT License.

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