A library for logging to Splunk Storm's REST API (message to coccyx: contact nherment@gmail.com to take ownership of package in NPM)

npm install splunkstorm
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Code examples for Splunk Storm public APIs

These are code examples designed to show developers how to use Splunk Storm public APIs.


All the code in the examples is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Details can be found in the file LICENSE.

Getting Started

In oder for the examples to work, you'll need a Splunk Storm account. If you don't already have one, you can get one from http://www.splunkstorm.com

Once you clone the repository, don't forget to do an npm install to install required modules!!


This example covers only logging to Splunk Storm via the REST API endpoint for logging from node.js Others may be added later as time permits.


You can find anything having to do with Splunk Storm here:

You can also find full reference documentation of the REST API:


How to contribute

We aren't ready to accept code contributions yet, but will be shortly. Check this README for more updates soon.


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