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npm install spritesheet-js
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Spritesheet.js is command-line spritesheet (a.k.a. Texture Atlas) generator written in node.js.

Supported spritesheet formats

  • Starling / Sparrow
  • JSON (i.e. PIXI.js)
  • Easel.js
  • cocos2d (experimental)


  1. Command Line

     $ spritesheet-js assets/*.png


     $ spritesheet-js
     Usage: spritesheet-js [options] <files>
       -f, --format  format of spritesheet (starling, sparrow, json, pixi.js, easel.js, cocos2d)                                                      [default: "json"]
       -n, --name    name of generated spritesheet                                                                                                    [default: "spritesheet"]
       -p, --path    path to export directory                                                                                                         [default: "."]
       --trim        removes transparent whitespaces around images                                                                                    [default: false]
       --square      texture should be s square                                                                                                       [default: false]
       --powerOfTwo  texture width and height should be power of two                                                                                  [default: false]
       --algorithm   packing algorithm: growing-binpacking (default), binpacking (requires passing width and height options), vertical or horizontal  [default: "growing-binpacking"]
  2. Node.js

     var spritesheet = require('spritesheet-js');
     spritesheet('assets/*.png', {format: 'json'}, function (err) {
       if (err) throw err;
       console.log('spritesheet successfully generated');

Trimming / Cropping

Spritesheet.js can remove transparent whitespace around images. Thanks to that you can pack more assets into one spritesheet and it makes rendering a little bit faster.

NOTE: Some libraries such as Easel.js or PIXI.js dont't support this feature. Trimming / Cropping


  1. Install ImageMagick
  2. npm install spritesheet-js -g


mocha test

Thanks Przemysław Piekarski for logo design and assets in examples.

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