A sql template module that takes a template based approach to mysql queries

npm install sql-templar
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Sql Templar

An alternative crusade to the knights of ORM Land.

Sql-Templar is a small abstraction over node-mysql that provides a similar api to that of rendering html templates, but for sql files. This gets the sql files out of concatenated strings and allows you to place them in a directory much like you place you jade or ejs templates for html. Here is some sample usage code:



select * from customers where name like ?


var st = require('../')({
  templates: {
    dir: __dirname + '/sql',
    ext: 'sql'
  }, db: {
    host: 'localhost',
    port: 3306,
    database: 'test',
    user: 'root'

st('customers', ['A%'], function(err, rows) {
  if (err) { console.log(err); }
node index.js

Just like you use jade or ejs templates with sql-templar you can manage your sql in template files and utilize all of the conventions and sugar provided by node-mysql to perform proper escaping, etc. See the node-mysql readme for more details on the pattern matching.


npm install sql-templar


Contributions are welcome, the goal of the project is to simply provide a template like engine on top of node-mysql, any contributions that keep within the context of this goal will be merged.




Thanks to Felixge and all the node-mysql contributors Thanks to Ryan Dahl, Issacs and all the NodeJS Contributors and Community!


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