Monitor size/drain rate of SQS queues

npm install sqsmonitor
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sqsmonitor is used to check on the status of SQS queues.

  sqsmonitor [options] queuename [queuename ...] [interval]

  queuename [queuename ...]
    The names of one or more queues to watch.  If not specified, defaults to process_actions.
    Specified for continuous display: seconds between checks.

    Display extra metrics like inflight and delayed messages.

    Only show queues with messages

    Check all queues

    Only show sum totals, not individual queues

  -t|--top n
    Only show the largest n queues.

    Interpret queuenames as regular expressions instead of explicit names.

  sqsmonitor -a -n
  sqsmonitor -e prod_process_actions-opens 1
  sqsmonitor prod_process_actions-opens prod_process_actions-installs 60
  sqsmonitor -r 'process_.*_actions' -t 3

Queues are listed by number of messages they hold, fullest queue first.

Install from repo

Once you have this repository checked out, do:

npm link

You'll want a ~/.sqsmonitor JSON config file, which looks like this:

  "accessKeyId": "AKIABFOJHE19JDLS4G3A",
  "secretAccessKey": "J29OoH8JlsCdowF+jLSKU2/Hos8VJsl2jslkh22L",
  "region": "us-west-1"

sqsmonitor can also use a ~/.s3cmd configuration file if you've got one.

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