Screenshot to S3

npm install ss-to-s3
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Only for MAC OSx.

Send screenshot to Amazon S3.


npm install ss-to-s3 -g

Then you need to create a ~/.ss-to-s3.config file with something like this:

    "BUCKET":            "THE-BUCKET",
    "COPY_FORMAT":       "![{filekey}]({filekey})"

ACCESS KEY, SECRET and BUCKET are the Amazon S3 parameters, COPY_FORMAT is a mask of what is going to by write to your clipboard after finished.


Run ss-to-s3 from the terminal or create a service with Automator and assign a shortcut as described in the next section.

Create a shortcut

First you will need to create a SERVICE with automator. Select "run shell script" in Actions and then write /usr/local/bin/ss-to-s3 as shown here:


Next you will asign a key shortcut to the service, in System Preferences as shown here:


You are done! close Automator and System Preferences before testing.


MIT - 2013 - José F. Romaniello

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