A CommonJS state-machine that works in Node or the browser

npm install stately
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# Stately
## A CommonJS state-machine that works in Node or the browser.

This is extracted from [Twebz]( and is designed to DRY out [the CouchDB changes listner Twebz's bot uses for handling Twitter API interactions]( That said, this is entirely agnostic to backends and should work great with Redis, message queues, or anything else where you can get a feed of updates as they are happening to the database.

It is totally isolated from IO, so it will also run fine in the browser, although I haven't done that yet.

## Usage

    var stately = require("stately")
      , myMachine = stately.define({
        foo : function(obj) {
          // this function will be called if obj.state == "foo"
          obj.fooRan = true;
      , obj = {state : "foo", fooRan : false};


In real life you would hook `myMachine.handle` up as the listener to events on a Node.js stream. Or in the browser as the callback to an event system or a comet feed.

You can also deal with objects of multiple types if you want, by nesting the definitions one-layer deep, see the tests for details.

The `_getState` and `_getType` methods are pluggable.

## Tests

Haters gonna hate, but I used [Vows]( and "it works!"

To run them:

    npm install vows
    vows test/test.js


* Test modifying the states after definition
* Document more usage scenarios

## License

[Apache 2.0](
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