A StatsD backend for Amazon's AWS CloudWatch.

npm install statsd-cloudwatch-backend
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StatsD CloudWatch Backend

This is a pluggable backend for StatsD. It publishes stats to Amazon's AWS CloudWatch.

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Counters, Gauges, and Timers are supported. Sets are not implemented.

Be aware that AWS CloudWatch metrics are not free and the cost can quickly become prohibative. Pricing details: Amazon CloudWatch Pricing. This may be a good choice if your needs are simple and/or as a means of quickly getting off the ground, as setting up Graphite in EC2 is not trivial.



$ cd /path/to/statsd
$ npm install statsd-cloudwatch-backend


Add statsd-cloudwatch-backend to the list of backends in the StatsD configuration file:

    backends: ["statsd-cloudwatch-backend"]

Add the following basic configuration information to the StatsD configuration file.

    cloudwatch: {
        namespace:  "my.api",
        region: "us-west-2",
        dimensions: {},
        accessKeyId:  "<YOUR ACCESS KEY ID>",
        secretAccessKey: "<YOUR SECRET ACCESS KEY>"

The namespace, and region settings are required. The dimensions map is optional. The accessKeyId and secretAccessKey settings are not required if the EC2 instance is configured with an instance-profile with permissions to write to CloudWatch.

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